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Got What it Takes to Work In Animal Care & Control?

Local newspapers recently reported on the rescue of an injured female boxer, a dog found in Kellner Canyon with apparent wounds from attack by a wild animal, or possibly other dogs.

Anthony With Injured Bulldog Nicknamed KellnerQuarantined for 120 days until confirmed free of rabies, the good news is she’s healing, and there’s a waiting list to adopt her. The incident gives a chance this week to shine a spotlight on Gila County’s Animal Care and Control team – local men and women dedicated to helping stray, frightened and sometimes injured animals, reuniting them with their owners, whenever possible – or finding a new loving home.  

Animal Control Officer Needed

The job is open, too: the county needs to hire an Animal Control Officer to fill a vacant position on the small staff. Salary ranges from $27,987-$38,483. Job description and complete details are online at

John Castaneda, Animal Care & Control’s Program Manager, marked 26-years on the job this year – starting as a temporary officer – and quickly promoted to permanent status, then manager.
“Without a doubt, my favorite part of the job is when lost animals are reunited with their owners, and when the efforts of our staff are successful and stray dogs find new homes,” said Castaneda, a lifelong Globe resident – and avid outdoorsman.
“Who makes a good animal control officer?
The job offers a good mix of indoor work at our office and animal shelter, balanced with opportunities to be out patrolling all the unincorporated areas of Gila County – investigating reports of stray or injured dogs, helping neighbors resolve nuisance animal issues -- enforcing county laws. On any given day our staff might investigate reports of animal neglect or cruelty, barking dogs and nuisance complaints. We need job applicants who can competently interview local residents when they call us with a report – and should have basic ‘people skills’ to talk with dog owners and help amicably resolve neighbor disputes. Animal Control Officers also write reports, issue citations and prepares court documents. Less frequently we need to collect specimens to be submitted to the state lab for rabies tests. And yes, there’s office work too: selling annual dog licenses, renting traps – cleaning and disinfecting vehicles, kennels and equipment. Felicia With Chihuahua

“Community outreach, too"

"We provide educational services by going into local schools, taking our friendly German Shepherd mascot, Gila, into elementary school classrooms to teach little kids how to stay safe around dogs – and also to reinforce lessons about how to properly care for a pet and provide adequate shelter, shade and water. The job occasionally requires working weekends for special events such as adoption days where we bring a few shelter dogs to a public venue – such as the Tractor Supply store, for a morning where people can visit, meet our staff – and, hopefully, leave with a new four-pawed family member.”
“Working for Gila County Animal Care & Control has proven to be the right career choice for me – and I encourage others who love animals to apply and join our team.”
Job description and complete details are online at