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Gila County Receives Housing Hero Award

New Hope For Local Homeless:
Gila County Receives ‘Housing Hero’ Award

Arizona Department of Housing Director Carol Ditmore recognized the Gila County Board of Supervisors in August 2019 at a special luncheon at the Arizona Housing Forum.
Gila County Supervisors Tim Humphrey, Woody Cline and Tommie Martin were presented one of eight ‘Housing Hero’ awards, recognized for ‘Innovative Supportive Housing Services.’ Other award categories ranged from for affordable housing and rural multifamily projects to  tribal initiatives, and outstanding Community Development Block Grant funded projects.

Gila County’s Board of Supervisors earned the nominated “based on outstanding leadership in the homeless arena and for working to establish a local homeless advisory board,” said Tim Humphrey, District 2 Supervisor.
“I’m proud of our own nonprofit organizations and volunteers such as Horizon Health and the Gila Community Food Bank here in Globe – and the All Children Eat program that fills backpacks with food to keep vulnerable kids from going hungry,” he added, “but ask any local resident and they’ll tell you homelessness appears to be increasing. Local communities do what they can to deal with symptoms, but staff of Gila County’s Community Action Program have helped initiate this new county-wide effort to take on the bigger picture.
"I’m also proud of our staff who identify homeless people in our communities and provide services to help make their lives better; arranging housing and counseling for addictions - mental health services when needed. As elected County supervisors, we appreciate this recognition from the Arizona Department of Housing – and this award helps spotlight Gila County staff such as Malissa Buzan who have been helping homeless people on a person-to-person basis for decades, and looking for solutions – not just for individuals, but the continuing problem of homelessness.”

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