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Take a Gila County Survey, Online or in Print

Take Our Survey, Online or in Print
Voice Your Opinion

How often does anyone ask your opinion – and also offer that rarest of rarities: a genuine free lunch? Hayden residents who care about their community will share their thoughts Tuesday at a lunchtime forum. Their comments will be anonymous; future focus group are scheduled for Payson Aug. 21, and Globe Aug. 28.
Please RSVP by phone, allowing organizers to prearrange enough lunches for participants. To RSVP for the Payson session Aug. 21, call 928.474.7192; to RSVP for the Hayden or the Globe lunchtime focus groups, call 928-425-7631.
Can’t join a Tuesday lunchtime roundtable, but want to share your opinion and suggestions as part of the county-wide needs assessment study launched this month by Gila County Community Services? Survey forms are conveniently online
 with printed copies available at county offices and local libraries.
“Customer surveys are one of the most effective ways that we can be sure to provide services covering our Gila County communities," said Supervisor Woody Cline, "and I want to applaud our community services staff for making this survey available online, and by mail, so remote residents have equal access and opportunity to weigh-in with their thoughts. I hope we receive a massive response on this - and that residents take the time to share honest opinions that help our staff set priorities and adjust programs."
Gila County Community Services Dorine Prine explains the survey asks about employment, housing, health care, quality of life – and barriers respondents have experienced with obtaining basic needs.
“We genuinely want as wide a range of opinions as we can gather about life here in Gila County,” said Prine.  “And I’ll repeat that no one will be identified by name in any reports. Names will not be shared with any other agency, and all information will be confidential."
The web-based survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. Lunchtime in-depth focus groups are scheduled over two-hour blocks, allowing ample time for participants to voice individual opinions, and join group discussions. Complete your survey online at
or request one be mailed to you by calling  928-425-7631