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Tommie Cline Martin, Chair  

Supervisor Martin comes from a long line of Gila County Pioneer families. One set of great grandparents came by wagon into what would become northern Gila County in the late 1800's to set up a saw mill and also prospect for minerals. About the same time, another set of grandparents came into the Rim country moving west and herding goats, while also establishing Mercantiles with Post Offices along the way. Yet another set of grandparents arrived in the Pleasant Valley area in the early 1900's to farm and ranch.

She, in turn, was raised on a ranch in Northern Gila County by parents who thought a 'liberated household' was one that had bread dough on the axe handles, and who claimed they couldn't afford to hire ranch help - so they raised it. This background led her into a varied 25-year career in Natural Resource Management work worldwide - with experience throughout the American West, western Canada, northern Mexico and eastern Africa – primarily in Somalia and Ethiopia.

Tommie Martin 

As a Gila County Supervisor, some of her efforts have resulted in a Community Wildfire Protection Plan for Northern Gila County, the addition of numerous Fire-wise Communities within the area, and various strategically placed fire breaks throughout the Rim Country. Supervisor Martin also helped initiate a bladder-tank-helicopter fire-water set up for first-strike forest fire response, which has resulted, so far, in very successful initial fire suppression. This system has been awarded several national recognitions.

Supervisor Martin serves on the County Supervisors Association Legislative Policy Committee, the Board of the Coalition of Arizona/New Mexico Counties, the Tonto Natural Resource Conservation District, the US Forest Service Collaboration Cadre, and on the Steering Committee and Collaborative Stakeholder Group for the Four Forest Restoration Initiative.

She is serving her fourth term as District One Supervisor for Gila County and is currently Chairman for the Board of Supervisors.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, Gila County Supervisor Tommie Cline Martin testified before the Congressional Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation oversight hearing, “Increasing Carbon Soil Sequestration on Public Lands.” 

Supervisor Martin joined three other witnesses --Steven Rich, President of the Rangeland Restoration Academy; Richard Teague, Associate Resident Director of Texas A&M AgriLife Research; and,  John Wick, a rancher from Northern California with the Marin Carbon Project -- to testify on how opening public lands to livestock could reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and contribute to environmental improvement.

Supervisor Martin's Congressional Testimony

Congressional Testimony of Steven H. Rich

Congressional Testimony of Dr. W. Richard Teague

Supervisor Martin's recent article published in the National Association of Counties July 14, 2014 Newsletter, "Improve Management of Public Lands, Mitigate Climate Change."


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